In Our Darkest Hour,

He's There



In Our Darkest Hour, He's There

In this podcast episode, Lindsay Oehmen shares her personal journey of healing and forgiveness. She opens up about growing up in an abusive home, escaping through drugs and alcohol, and the impact it had on her relationships. Lindsay talks about her salvation story and how she found Jesus in her one of her darkest hours. She emphasizes the importance of prayer and forgiveness in her transformation. Lindsay also discusses the lies and limiting beliefs that hold us back and encourages listeners to reframe their minds for TRUTH. She promises to share more of her story and interview other women who have overcome self-doubt and fear.


  • Healing and forgiveness are ongoing processes that require daily effort.
  • Prayer is powerful and can bring about positive change in our lives.
  • Identifying and challenging our limiting beliefs is crucial for personal growth.
  • Self-doubt and fear are often rooted in lies from the enemy.
  • Reframing our minds for truth can lead to success and fulfillment.
  • Sharing our stories and supporting one another can inspire and empower.
  • The journey to healing and forgiveness is unique for each individual.
  • Busyness and other excuses can hinder our personal and relational growth.
  • Recognizing the impact of our past experiences is essential for healing.
  • Finding a relationship with Jesus can bring hope and transformation.