You would die for your kids, but would you live for them?

Apr 25, 2024

9 months ago I made a change. I started drinking at the age of 14. And have pretty much drank ever since. Minus 3 pregnancies.

Last summer, while at the beach, I came across a post blog about the poison in alcohol. This wasn’t a new information, but I’ve always made excuses. “I don’t drink too much, I don’t get out of control, and I never have hangovers so I can’t be drinking that much.” 

But I was poisoning my body every night for no reason. It didn’t make sense how I could live so healthy, all the right foods, no fragrances, no dyes, all organic foods, exercise every day, but undo it with unnecessary poison daily and frequently. Trust me, I’m not anti-alcohol, I love a nice glass of wine and a designer cocktail. But I am choosing much less frequency, and more quality when choosing to enjoy a drink. 

I have glorified alcohol because I love creatively mixing and making a high-quality cocktail, but I’m afraid I’v glorified it in my teenagers eyes too.

Recently, I read a quote, you would die for your kids, but would you live for them?

I used to think I needed that glass of white wine while cooking dinner. And that one glass of red wine before bed to help me sleep. Nothing could be further from the truth. I realized I was drinking out of habit, boredom, or stress. 

And you know what’s funny… I haven’t missed it. At first the habit was there to pick up a glass of wine in the evening, but now it’s gone. I’ve replaced it with yummy mocktails and amazing supplements in the evening to manage the stressful, overstimulated, chaotic, loud, 3 kids in the evening hours of dinner, homework, teenage attitudes, and bedtime routine. Which I found, when having a glass of wine to try to manage that, just made me more tired and more irritable. 

Health and wellness is very important to me. It always has been and is a big part of my life. 

I had two parents that both died from cancer at a young age. I have no idea if alcohol played a part, but it certainly didn’t decrease their chances.  I’m here to live better days. I’m not posting this to hold me accountable, I’m posting this because I’ve always chosen to be raw and real and I’ve struggled with the desire for alcohol since probably the age of 15. I want my kids to do better. 

I will continue to drink socially, for celebrations, etc. I will also choose to be wiser and consume less quantity. Being 13 years away from the age my dad died is too close….

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