The Meaning of the Storm...

Mar 06, 2024

This morning, before even opening my Bible, I sat in my little corner, covered up with my big cozy blanket, and thought to myself, this is my comfort. Right here in this spot is my place of comfort. Whether with my Bible and coffee or with my family watching a movie. This is where I feel comfort and peace.

 Then I opened my Bible to my reading for the day. It's amazing how applicable my Bible reading each morning is to whatever I may be facing that day.

Even if it’s just thoughts of comfort.

Let me share what I read that may be some words of comfort for you today…

You may have heard the story of the disciples in a boat when a storm comes. Jesus had finished teaching that day, and went up into the hills by himself to pray. The wind picked up and the waves were crashing all around the boat. Fearing they were about to die they saw Jesus walking toward them on the water. At first, they thought He was a ghost, and Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Do not be afraid, take courage, I am here!” Mark 6:50

 Most people focus on the miracle in this story, rather than the miracle’s meaning. The miracle is amazing of course - Jesus walked on water! But the miracle pulls our attention away from the disciples in that stormy sea. The winds were blowing at Gale force and the boat was taking on water. They were exhausted and terrified. Do you know the feeling? I know I do. 

Then Jesus came to them walking on water, and said, “Do not be afraid!”  The real meaning of the story is that Jesus will go to extraordinary lengths to come for us in our troubled seas. What is your storm right now? Have you listened for Jesus to say don’t be afraid? Do you expect him to come to you?

I know in my storm what the winds represent. And I think I can see pretty clearly what it is Jesus wants me to learn through the storm. But the best part is, I know He’s walking towards me.

Let that be your peace and comfort for today. Whatever your storm is, know He’s walking toward you.

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