The Heartbreaking Cost of Laughter

Nov 01, 2023

The loss of Matthew Perry has been felt around the world. A man that has made millions of people laugh for decades, unfortunately lived a tortured life that wasn’t funny at all. 

I read a heartbreaking quote that Perry said at the height of his friends career: that he should’ve been the toast of the town, but instead he was in a dark room, surrounded by drug dealers. The loneliness and despair that must have consumed him, absolutely breaks my heart for those that experience that kind of pain.

Many can resonate with having Friends be a part of peace and comfort to them during different seasons of life. For me personally Friends was always a constant in dark times, and sad times, and lonely times. At 19 yrs old, I moved to Boston where I didn’t know a soul. I had a cute little studio apartment with very little to fill it up. I remember calling my mom crying saying, “what have I done, why have I moved here.?” And literally crying into the phone that I didn’t even have a TV and couldn’t even watch Friends. 😩 My mom wired enough money for me to find a Target and buy a TV just to have the familiarity and comfort of feeling like I had a friend. 🤍

A few years later, I bought this 10 season box set when it was released in the early 2000s and it has traveled with me from home to home and season to season. It’s been especially valued as I’m not a fan of anything scary. I don’t watch scary movies, and on the off chance, I watched a movie with a scary or terrible scene, I would always turn it off and immediately turn on an episode of Friends to clear my mind of whatever evil I had just consumed accidentally. 

Many can relate, Friends has been a source of constant comfort and laughs in the midst of loss and sadness. The loss of Matthew Perry just hits different for many. For all the reasons above but also because of where I am in my walk with Christ. Upon hearing the news of Perry, my family and I were returning from a fall festival and I spent that hour car ride searching the Internet to find out if he was a Christian. I couldn’t fathom the thought of this poor tortured man, who made us all so happy for decades, being tortured more in hell. When I finally found proof of him talking about his faith snd how God met him and saved him and he felt the comforting presence of our Father, I wept. I felt such gratitude in knowing he was in Heaven finally free of the disease that held him prisoner for so long. 

What a relief and I couldn’t contain my emotion. Matthew Perry is in heaven fully healed, and not in hell.

For this, I am so thankful and it made me even more convicted to realize that if I can’t stand the thought of someone I don’t even know going to hell, I would absolutely be devastated to know someone I truly love and care about is rejecting the hope and love of Jesus. I am more committed than ever to share my faith and hope I have in Jesus, and pray that others will come to have it too.

Perry's book is his heartbreaking legacy to the world. He found hope in Jesus that finally healed his addiction and disease. His legacy is to serve other people in the darkness of addiction and that his story of pain will be used as a source of hope and encouragement.

The moral: God can and will meet you in your mess and your pain can be used for purpose. 

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