People Ask Me All the Time: What's Your Motivation...?!

May 09, 2024

My Motivation? Seeing change happen right before my eyes makes me show up every day. That and having a VERY STRONG WHY.

But it's not motivation I rely on. It's discipline. Motivation is fleeting, feelings are fleeting. Discipline is constant. 

Motivation is to action what discipline is to result. Motivation get you started, but discipline is part of the journey that gets you to the destination.

Discipline is not asking yourself if you feel like doing some thing. Discipline is knowing the results will drive you to feel like doing it.

I don't always FEEL like exercising or working on my business or getting up early to read the word and spend time with God. But I do it because I've created discipline to know that the results are worth it and feelings are fickle and not to be trusted. If we always listen to our feelings, we'll never become the person you want to become. Every action you take or don't take, you're casting a vote for the person you want to be.

If you really need motivation, then what's your end goal? How can you create tiny daily habits and make up discipline to get you there, to show up every single day whether you feel like it or not. If you can't, then your WHY and your end goal is NOT BIG ENOUGH.

You'll start seeing the results and THAT will motivate you to do it daily. Whether it’s your body, your finances, your walk with God. Whatever it may be, when you can see and feel the changes and growth, it pushes you to continue. To go further. To work harder than you’ve ever worked. Because you know there’s so much more to reach for. Why would you stop? Why would you quit? Why wouldn’t you work harder than ever before to achieve more than ever before.


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