What's That Feeling...

Oct 27, 2023

I’m endearingly embarrassed yet even prouder to share I purchased my first Bible earlier this year at 42 years old. Unexpected I know.  You probably didn’t see that coming from me. 

Years ago, as a young girl, I had a blush-hued Precious Moments Bible with my name delicately etched in gold on its corner, a gift from my mom. ❤️ It might still be nestled amidst the many boxes rescued from her garage after her passing. 

I’ve lovingly gifted my teenage daughters special Bibles meant for young women growing in their faith, but never one for myself. Over the last decade, I’ve either borrowed theirs or simply just my phone. But I could feel in my heart it was time for my own….

It’s changed my days, my life and my mornings. In the quiet dark of dawn, as I sit nestled under a blanket with my steaming and frothed coffee in hand, I reach for my Bible. Before opening it, I hold it close and pray while something ineffable happens. I wonder whether it’s purely the Holy Spirit, or the unfathomable feeling of holding a gift straight from God, a bridge, that literally connects me to Him. Perhaps it's the profound awareness of holding a Bible, recognizing the immense sacrifice and even loss of life, just to grasp it in their own hands. The power of all three wash over me with the feeling of utter gratefulness that literally brings me to tears every single morning. To sit with my Heavenly Father and feel His unwavering presence and know His promises are forever, I simply can’t explain the feeling, but I know I am so grateful to have it.

My deepest hope is for my daughters and others to feel this power from the Holy Spirit and recognize the immense privilege and gift it is to hold God’s holy word in the palm of our hands. 

The Moral: The Bible has power.

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