Sometimes the Small Things become the BIG Things...

Apr 17, 2024


It was the year 2000, I lived in Greenwich Village on Sullivan and Bleeker. What a dream come true for a starry eyed, 20-year-old ambitious young woman.

Every day I walked 20 something city blocks to get to school at the Fashion Institute of New York. It was an absolute dream time in my life. Cue the Mary Tyler Moore show music 😆

 I was young, I was free, and I needed a job.

There was a job posting on the bulletin board at school in early December that caught my eye.

It was working at a high-end fashion showroom, for designer children’s clothes on 34th St. and 6th Avenue. 🤯 Of course I applied.

 Over Christmas break, the call came that I had been selected to be interviewed. I lived in the city, but I had friends in Connecticut, and was visiting them over the holiday season. The interview was early on Monday morning and what would typically be an uneventful train ride back to the city turned into a really funny job interview story.

 Borrowing a friend’s car, I calculated the time perfectly even including traffic. What I didn’t think about was the need to find a parking garage or the money to pay for one. Brooke college kid here.🤪🤣

After driving around several blocks several times, I knew if I didn’t park very quickly I was going to be late to my job interview. Circling back around to 34th St., at the corner of 6th Avenue, which is a four-lane, 2-way traffic street that happened to also have a middle turning lane.

Yep, I did it. I pulled his car in the middle turning lane on 34th St. right in front of Macy’s. 😆😳🤪 If you’ve seen the movie Elf or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, you’ve seen exactly where this car was parked. I turned the flashers on and I ran into the building.

During the interview, I tried to remain as calm as possible, and be a smooth operator, but I was dying inside hearing the traffic whiz by out the window, praying the car wouldn’t be towed when the interview was over.

 As we stood up to shake hands goodbye, she asked if I had any questions, and I said I would love to look out the window and see how high up we are.  Walking briskly to the window, my heart beating out of my chest, I barely heard her describing what it was like to watch the parade from the windows every year, as I peeked down below with one eye open, I couldn’t believe it. 30 minutes later and the car was still in the middle of the road with the flashers on.  😮‍💨 😅 (The picture is an actual photograph I took from our windows way back then.)

I thanked her for the interview and hurried to the elevator. I literally could not believe the car was still in there. I jumped in and sped away, praying for the job so the effort wasn't wasted.  🤣

PS I never told him the story of leaving his BMW unattended on one of the busiest streets in New York. 🤣

But the important question is, did I get the job?!

I returned home later that day, and quick, wrote a thank you note and popped it in the mail. 

A week later, I received a phone call from the showroom manager, stating that they would like to offer me the position. She went on to mention that through all of the applicants that applied and interviewed, they narrowed it down to three candidates, me being one of them.

They were really having a hard time choosing between the three when my thank you note arrived in the mail. She said there you have it, attention to detail. Knowing that sometimes, the small things become the big things and truly matter most. My little thank you note edged me out of the competition to land my dream job as a college student in New York City on 34th St. across from Macy’s where you could see the Macy’s day Thanksgiving day parade floats fly right past your eyeballs.  To think, if I hadn’t taken the time to write a simple thank you for their time...

So my friends, they say, don’t sweat the small stuff, and that’s true! But also don’t underestimate when the small things become the big things! Sometimes they actually matter most.

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